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  1. What is Domain Registration?
  2. Why would I want to Register a Domain Name?
  3. Can I get email through my Registered Domain?
  4. Can I put a website up on my Free Domain Registration Site?

What is Domain Registration?

Domain Registration is the process of Registering a Domain and placing it 'On Hold'. You domain name belongs to you and cannot be registered by any other party at that point. We provide full DNS service so that your domain will be accessible from the Web.

Why would I want to Register a Domain Name?

At this moment, new Internet Domain Names are being registered at an astronomical rate! If you don't reserve your Domain Name now, you risk having it pulled right out from under you...forever. You see, no Domain Name can be registered twice. If you don't reserve now, then someone else can. More

Can I put a website up on my Free Domain Registration Site?

No, you would need to choose a Hosting Package to have the ability to upload your website. We will however give you a basic Placeholder webpage for your domain so that your domain will not show a blank page. For those needing a custom website designed or hosted we recommend Sidetrips Internet Services.

Can I get email through my Registered Domain?

No, you cannot receive email through If you would like to receive email through your Registered Domain please consider Domain Hosting.

What's the Next Step?

Please fill out our domain registration form and your domain will be immediately registered. Order Here!

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